Any company that has more than one employee needs a dependable phone system. The more employees you have, the more you will rely on telephone communication, both for communicating with each other and with clients and vendors.
Choosing an affordable system that meets the demand of your business begins with asking a few key questions from Quickbooks:

How Many Employees Do I Have?
Small business can go either way with a phone system. In some cases, smartphones will cover your bases, and employees can freely communicate with one another. But in most other cases, smartphones just won’t cut it. For these matters, a reliable, centralized phone system could save time, money, and effort for your business, while streamlining communication in and out of your company.

Are My Employees on the Phone Often?
After determining the number of employees you have, you can then estimate which groups or departments use the phone most often. For example, your sales team are more likely to be on the phone more often, and for longer periods of time, than say, your marketing staff. Accounting for the usage of your system, the number of people connected, and forecasting the scale of future hires, are all important considerations in deciding which system suits you and your business.

Which Type of Phone System Should I Acquire?
Grasping the demand of your company is vital for selecting a system. Companies consisting of 10 to 40 employees generally inclined to opt for KSU, or a Key System Unit. A KSU system employs a single phone as “home base,” where other phones can be reached using a keypad or one-touch dial.

Companies comprising more than 40 employees will most likely benefit more from PBX, or a Private Branch Exchange. PBX requires more complex installation and handling, however, the reach of the system proves helpful in keeping large companies connected to its employees.

Voice over Internet Protocol, or more commonly referred to as VoIP, is another favorable alternative to streamlining communication for your business. Using an internet connection, VoIP syncs all handsets to a network of data—granting easy access from any device in your company.

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