If you aren’t using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for your business, you are wasting time and money. This essential technology streamlines person-to-person communications and makes connecting with clients and colleagues almost effortless.

We are all always looking for ways to be more efficient during business hours, to maximize our productivity with available tools. Voice over IP bundles your phone, data, and video into one unified service, making all these forms of communication faster, more secure, and more flexible. How can this service help you be more productive? It’s easy; we’ll show you how.

Save Time

How much time do you spend listening to voicemail messages that need to be forwarded to someone else? With a VoIP system you can send voicemail to a colleague as a text without wasting time composing an extra email or giving your co-worker a heads-up in person. We all know that those incidental conversations, spoken or typed, take up precious time. With VoIP all messages can be read instead, which is most people’s preferred method of communication. It’s a quicker way to absorb information than listening, and it allows for smart multitasking.

Manage Your Workload

You know that Monday morning onslaught of emails, messages, and note fragments that leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and already wishing for the weekend? Its can be difficult to know where to begin, and often something or someone important gets lost in the shuffle. When you use VoIP with your colleagues, you can use instant messaging and personalized call routing to keep the workflow moving. This ensures that all appropriate parties are included in the conversation and everyone is immediately on the same page. It’s an organizational system that manages your numerous contact points internally and keeps the entire team in the loop in real time.


Just about everyone works from home in some capacity these days, whether you are in your home office 5 or 45 hours a week or you need to be reachable after hours for emergencies (and everything is an emergency to someone, right?). You and your colleagues may be based in one office or scattered across the globe, but with everyone using VoIP, communications are seamless. Remote workers are only increasing and your company needs to address the transmission issues associated with the 21st century workforce.

Communication is a means to an end; it shouldn’t be where the work breaks down and you lose valuable time. We want to be closing tasks and making things happen cleanly and quickly, and your best bet to get there is an internet-based phone system on your own network that keeps every person functioning optimally through improved connection and collaboration. Whether you want to web conference, make a video call, or see who is available to brainstorm, you are going to want VoIP in your working life.

We want to improve your productivity and keep you ahead of the communications curve. Let’s talk about your best options. Call Max Communications today: (856) 825-6000.