MAX Communications is a leader in VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) phone systems and we’ve previously told you about the advantages that internet-based phone service can offer your business.

Our systems offer many features such as:

  • Voicemail with email and cell phone notification
  • Voice over IP remote telephone extensions
  • Networking of systems over the internet
  • Custom music on hold recordings
  • Remote maintenance
  • (User-friendly) Web interface to make changes to your telephone
  • Integration with door phones, intercom, and paging systems
  • T-1, PRI, and SIP telephone lines
  • Multiline cordless telephones
  • Auto attendant with multiple greetings

Of course, these features can help your business year round, but at the holidays, a VoIP system can be especially helpful. During the holidays, many businesses change their hours, close for the season, or simply just schedule parties and social events. But instead of sending your customers to voicemail during these times, VoIP can help you keep in contact – and keep your business operating – even during holiday downtime and social events.

For example, you may be having a Christmas party and not taking calls. But some calls are vital, and with a VoIP system, you can route your office calls to your smart phone letting you accept the ones that you need to and let the others go to voicemail.

VoIP can also help you work from home during holiday breaks. You can either route your office calls to your cell from your VoIP control panel, or take your VoIP phone home and plug into your router.

You can also use your system to make sure your customers don’t think you’ve closed for Christmas if you haven’t. Your hunt group can be altered to make sure calls are routed to the people who are working, instead of those who are off.

VoIP systems also allow you to tailor your business message. Your VoIP control panel will allow you to easily record a festive holiday greeting for your automated phone answering system, as well as for voicemail messages.

There are also a wide range of modules you can add to your system that can help your business year round, but have special value at the holidays.

These features cans help you offer:

  • E-store promotions: offer coupons or discounts for online purchases and offer gift cards bought online.
  • Bonus programs: offer bonus points for when customers refill their account balance, you can offer double the points for the holiday season.

The main thing that a MAX Communications VoIP system offers is flexibility. And with the hectic pace of holiday season business, that’s a gift you can give yourself. Contact us online for a free estimate, we’ll be happy to help this holiday season.