Installing a digital surveillance system is a smart move for any business.

Technology has moved beyond the stage of grainy gray images where you could see something was happening but the image was not sharp enough to identify the person. Modern systems give clear pictures that are useful, identifiable and effective.

Gone, too, are the days when a security guard sat in a room monitoring cameras all night. Now you can monitor your small business surveillance system from your smartphone, tablet, or home computer at any time.

There are many reasons why businesses everywhere are installing video surveillance systems. Here are just a few:

Surveillance Cameras for Theft Protection

Theft is a major concern for many businesses and you need to avail yourself of every advantage to prevent it in the first place, and to catch the perpetrator if you are victimized.

Thieves and vandals are far less likely to target a company that uses a modern surveillance technology. Studies have shown that security cameras, in sufficient numbers and installed in strategic locations, reduce crime.

Should a break-in occur, the clear videos produced by modern surveillance systems help law enforcement identify perpetrators, and provide prosecutors with important evidence they need to earn convictions. Word gets around. If thieves know that one of their number has been arrested or gone to prison because of an attempt on your company, they’ll likely steer clear and look for easier pickings.

The same goes for shoplifting and for theft by employees. Cameras deter the acts, and aid in arrests and prosecutions when necessary. What you stand to lose from these “inside” sources of loss would more than pay for a security system to prevent the loss in the first place.

Employee Safety and Productivity

One of the most important responsibilities of a business is ensuring the safety of its employees. Businesses can use surveillance systems to keep an eye on work practices. If cameras reveal that an employee is doing his job in an unsafe manner, the problem can be corrected before someone is injured. Additionally, if a task is being done incorrectly, additional training can be implemented before materials are wasted or defective products are shipped.

Furthermore, it’s human nature to act differently when the boss is around. If employees are aware that cameras are being used to monitor the work area, they are less likely to be wasting time and more likely to take breaks only when scheduled.

Security Systems Can Reduce Insurance Premiums

Workplace lawsuits are a reality in today’s world. False accusations and imperfect recollections are common. He-said/she-said harassment testimony can be almost impossible to unravel. However, surveillance cameras can record the occurrence accurately. Just one such instance can save the company enormous amounts of time and money.

Many insurance companies offer discounts to businesses with advanced security and surveillance systems. Talk to your insurance agent about a possible reduction in your premiums.

Surveillance systems are an intelligent and cost-effective choice for today’s businesses. Theft protection, the safely of employees, improved productivity, and savings on insurance premiums are just a few of the important benefits they confer.

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