Spring is associated with renewal, restoration, and new possibilities. Just like your home, your business needs a thorough spring cleaning and a few smart changes to improve efficiency and reduce monotony. It is easy to get caught up in daily operations and neglect to correct, improve, or update your existing routines. Get these six things done this spring to revitalize your workspace and routines.

1. Start with Your Smartphone

People notice your phone, so you don’t want it to look ratty. Have you been squinting to see through a greasy screen? Clean it with alcohol and a microfiber cloth. Clean the back too, and if the case is beat up, replace it with something sharp. Then clean the inside by deleting apps you never use and updating the remaining apps and operating system. Free up storage space by transferring and backing up your data to a cloud backup service like Dropbox.

2. Clean Your Computer

Go through the files on your computer, or network, and clean out what you no longer need. You may also choose to move old files into one folder and later delete them if you don’t need them. Remove software that you no longer use and update the rest to keep your computer running smoothly. Unsubscribe from email channels and e-zines you never read. Update the address block at the bottom of your outgoing email.

3. Company Website

Your website should always be kept up to date to reflect current products and services and information about your company. Additionally, update your testimonials and add links to all your social network pages.

One reason that many small businesses let their sites get stale is because every change requires the services of an outside webmaster. If you have an HTML website, consider switching to WordPress, which has an easy-to-use interface that will enable you to make regular updates personally.

4. Social Networks

Social network pages have the potential to drive traffic to your website if you keep them fresh and dynamic. Spring clean them by removing expired information from your news feeds. Refresh your headers with new images. Put up a custom landing page on Facebook. And commit to posting fresh content several times each week on every channel you use.

5. Customer List

Clean up your client lists and ensure that your records are still valid. Sift through the email addresses in your database and conduct a thorough customer analysis to identify heavy spenders, loyal clients, customers who are no longer active, and purchasing patterns.

6. Data Security

Assess your company’s data security. Aside from the value of the information to your own business, you are duty-bound to protect your customers’ data. If you don’t have a formal data security program in place, get started now.

Review your physical security as well. Do you have good locks and electronic security systems in place? Just hoping you won’t be the target of a break-in is not a good security posture to take.

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