For most businesses, keeping telephone, surveillance, and network systems up and running is no longer a luxury, but a vital component for operations to run smoothly. If any one of the components go down, it could shut down your ability to operate across a wide range of areas in your day-to-day business.

Without a comprehensive maintenance system in place, you could be forced to try and improvise to keep things operating. And while you or your tech team are trying to mix and match components to try and reboot, your business will be losing time and money.

That where a comprehensive network maintenance agreement can help. By entering into an agreement with an IT service provider like MAX Communications, you’ll receive benefits and critical support when you most need it.

Maintenance agreements provide routine maintenance, access to emergency repairs, and constant upgrades to software and your system’s hardware. More importantly, the agreement make you a priority and allows you to build a relationship with your maintenance provider. In an emergency that means you know exactly who to call and we know your system, how it operates, and what needs to be done to keep it running.

Of course, the point of a maintenance agreement is also to keep your network running smoothly and update it as needed to avoid emergencies in the first place.

Consider these advantages to having a maintenance agreement with MAX Communications:

  • Higher Priority on Service Calls
  • Discounts on Future Purchases
  • Free Remote Programming
  • Free Software Upgrades
  • Advanced Replacement of Parts

These benefits can help save money over the life of the agreement through discounts and free services. Regular maintenance will also increase the lifespan of your equipment. By thoroughly inspecting equipment on a regular basis, you not only catch serious issues before they cause a problem, but you ensure that every component of the system is in top working order.

The agreement also means that your equipment will be checked on a regular schedule—something that most small and medium-sized businesses could have problems doing in-house. Put simply, we do the busy work associated with managing your network.

Most importantly, you’ll build a solid relationship with the people checking and maintaining the system. Compare that to calling a host of different technicians each time a problem comes up. And your maintenance provider will also get to know you, allowing us to focus on the systems and functions you need most from your system.

Your computer network represents a big investment and is vital to your business operations. You’ll want to make sure that you entrusts that network to expert technicians who know you and know your business. That will keep your system running at its best.

Maintaining your system is almost as important as having one. Keeping it in proper working order is important to get the most out of your system. Give us a call at 856-825-6000 to discuss the customized maintenance system that best suits your business.