Data networking used to be something almost all small and medium-sized businesses left to major corporations. Having just a few computers in use meant that some information could be stored on one computer while other information was on another. However, the fast changing pace of business and the even faster changing pace of technology has made that kind of thinking a little out of date.

Think about it. Do you really want to have to go to the office when you want to retrieve data or wait for the business computer to be free because you want to review accounts payable? Today’s business world requires instantly being able to call up data from anywhere, whether it’s your personal computer or laptop, or smart phone.

However, building computer networks can be complicated. Today’s systems offer a huge range of options from private networks to using cloud-based information storage (basically storing your information on the internet).

Managing these systems can also be complicated and in some businesses may mean hiring IT personnel. Still, the option of not having a network system is simply too risky in this business climate.

More and more businesses are using social media and webpages to reach customers. That means you’ll need a reliable system to generate the information and posts on your web presence.

But data networks also allow you to keep tabs on your business, sales, inventory, and more in ways that never seemed possible just a few years ago. These systems can also be tied to communications and phone systems.

The growing dependence on handheld devices for information means that your customers and clients expect information quickly and accurately. One thing you seldom hear these days is “Let me get back to you with those figures.”

While they’re waiting for you to call back, a competitor with a better network could give them the information they need quickly and efficiently.

As networks increase in complexity, the ways of delivering information also changes. Your vendors and clients may now want to meet more frequently through a video conferencing service like Skype. Clients may expect e-mails and pictures within minutes of talking to you.

Many customers today also shop via the web, meaning not only that you have to maintain a web and social media presence, it needs to updated frequently.  Advertise one product you no longer have in stock, and you may lose a customer.

The simple truth is that today’s business is digital, whether you’re prepared for that or not. It’s more critical than ever.

That makes it critical to work with a partner like Max Communications who understands networking, and can engineer and support the network for your business needs properly. Your goal, and our goal, is a network that is a platform for digital business. That network needs to be reliable, continuously available, and cost-effective to operate.

Most importantly, your network must be totally focused on serving your business needs, whether you’re introducing new products, layering more services on your network, or rolling out initiatives to engage with customers. Things move fast in today’s business world. We can help you move faster.Give us a call at 856-825-6000 and ask how we can help your business.