Most offices today are still using traditional phone lines through the phone company to handle all their business and corporate phone calls. After all, traditional phone lines have been reliable for years and it’s the system most people are familiar with.

But as technology needs change in modern offices, so do communications needs. And as tried and true as the old phone lines have been, there are growing instances when switching to a tech option like VoIP phone systems – or Voice over Internet Protocol – can make a substantial difference in meeting your communication needs.

Put simply, VoIP phones use the internet to place and direct calls. In areas with high speed internet service, the switch to internet calling over dedicated phone lines is nominal when it comes to issues like calling options, quality and reliability.

However, the cost savings of switching to VoIP can be substantial. Instead of paying for each call, VoIP simply uses your existing internet service – essentially making the calls free, or at least part of your fixed broadband internet costs. If your business or office regularly makes long distance calls in prime business hours, you could eliminate a significant communications cost by switching to VoIP.

Here’s some other good reasons to consider switching to VoIP.

Cut Your Costs

With traditional phone lines, your business is essentially paying for every minute you spend on the phone. VoIP services only require a high quality Internet connection, preferably ADSL. This switch will give you the same voice quality and call reliability with a set monthly cost. It’s estimated that small businesses that switch to VoIP reduce the cost of their local costs by up to 40%, and save up to 90% on international calls.

Host Conference Calls

Internet conferencing and the use of video calling are saving companies substantial amounts on business travel. While traditional phone lines can be used, their capacity is limited. VoIP uses the internet, meaning your only limitation to adding callers to your conference is the speed of your internet connection.

Affordable Software & Hardware

Traditional phone lines are just that, lines that have to be installed. VoIP turns every computer, laptop and device that can hook to the internet into a phone – provided the device has a sound card, microphone, and speakers or headphones, which is pretty common.  VoIP services can cut initial system set-up costs by 90%.

As for the software, you can either opt for free services such as Skype or Net2Phone or pay for more functional and expensive software that will give you access to some extra features.

Bandwidth Utilization

By analyzing your calling data, you can see exactly how you are using a VoIP optimize inbound/outbound calling in order to get the best value for money.

You get the same features

VoIP systems include voicemail, extra-virtual numbers, contact lists, caller IDs, and everything you expect from your traditional phone. They also offer other advantages like call routing, which sends callers to all of your devices and cell phones before going to voicemail.

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