Contemporary surveillance services can provide your business with sweeping security benefits. Monitoring transactions, customers, and even employees has never been more simple or streamlined. The holidays are hectic enough—so why not combat theft with a fully-integrated system?

With that in mind, here are 10 tips for network surveillance from Retail Info Systems News.

1. Cameras and Loss Prevention – If you want to catch a crook you’ll need an intelligent system equipped with network video. These systems are often referred to as IP cameras, which provide HD video quality and data sharing to bring you the best tools for monitoring your shop or business.

2. Integrating Systems – Digital integration of your business can be streamlined with many different systems, like HVAC, POS, and EAS. By consolidating your system, you’re actually simplifying engagement with these devices, and alerts can be coordinated through your security system.

3. Store Operations – Your surveillance system isn’t only for catching shoplifters or rogue employees—but it can be a useful tool for addressing operations in your business. Does a shelf need restocking? Do customers seem lost? A long line at the counter? Managing the order of business has never been easier than with IP video.

4. Customers service– If you’re in retail, January will see long lines for returns and some pretty edgy customers. Video analytics have the power to detect the number of persons standing in line, how long they’ve been waiting, and will even alert you when the system thinks a new register should be opened. That means you have more time to be on the floor helping patrons.

5. Exception-based Reporting – Obviously, not all strange POS (point of sale) patterns are cause for concern. By linking video to POS reports via time signatures, determination of human error or fraudulent theft can be logged for observation. Keep up with your employees.

6. Covert Cameras – Unfortunately, there are times when employees betray our trust. The magnitude of that distrust should be measured by a third eye—or a covert camera. These devices are designed to monitor “trouble zones” without an employee’s knowledge. The tape never lies, and you can keep peace of mind.

7. Losing your Loss – There are times where theft is successful and security is not. Reducing the shrink in your business begins with a video surveillance system—especially if you are in retail. Many solutions are available—selecting the right one is up to you. Depending on your needs, there are minimal systems and advanced systems. Some can even detect and alert when their line of sight has been block, obscured, damaged, or unplugged. What is YOUR solution?

8. Internal Audit Savings – Sharing capabilities can allow the owner or manager of a business search, access, tag, and locate surveillance footage from anywhere in the country at any time. Managing multiple locations at multiple times has never been more streamlined or so smooth!

9. Consistent Branding – Reviewing surveillance footage can also be useful for marketing your brand and business. Observance with a marketing eye can yield evidence from the floor of your store that speaks to your customers’ behaviors, attractions, and experience. If your business is running on a budget, this will come in handy when you take marketing into your own hands

10. Surveillance in the Cloud: Hosted video — the act of streaming and storing video to the cloud — is an emerging trend. By storing video offsite, there is no need for onsite DVR storage. Hosted video is perfect for a smaller retailer who may not have the staff or resources to install a full head-end system. It’s also perfect for those temporary “pop-up stores” that are common around the holidays.

Cloud storage for data has been on the rise in recent years—and for good reason. Storing your footage to a third-party host can save time, money, and space for your business. Retrieving files or footage is as simple as following dates or labels. And if you’ve been paying attention at all to these tips, you’ll know the many uses for these archived video files!

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