Fiber optics is a term that’s been around for a long time in the tech world and it’s a technology that continually evolves. Put simply, fiber optic lines are strands of optically pure glass as thin as a human hair that carry digital information over long distances.

While also used in medical imaging, they have transformed both cable and telecommunications systems delivering faster connections and larger capacity to carry data over the last few decades.

When it comes to internet connections, however, the use of fiber optics is relatively new. However, just as it did in those other fields, fiber optic internet’s time has come.

At Max Communications, we can help you upgrade your internet and communications systems to fiber optics and reap a number of benefits for modern offices. Couple fiber optics with VoIP (voice over internet protocols) phone technology, and your office’s business communication system will be transformed in efficiency, speed and costs effectiveness.

Here’s a look at some basic benefits of switching to a fiber optic system at your business.

It’s faster
Fiber-optic Internet is significantly faster than even the highest-speed copper Internet connections. Options are also available on capacity which range from 5 mega-bytes per second to 100 giga-bytes per second. At the highest speeds, internet slowdowns at peak periods will be a thing of the past. That’s important, as studies show that slow internet connections can decrease productivity.

Cloud access
Storing information on the cloud has become an important business tool, and it’s estimated that more than 80 percent of businesses now use some cloud storage. That means your business must access the information through your internet system. The speed and bandwidth capabilities of fiber Internet mean faster access to your data and applications stored in the cloud. The more your business uses the cloud, the more critical fast and easy access to the information becomes.

It’s reliable
Believe it or not, glass fiber optics are stronger than copper coaxial lines. That makes them less susceptible to weather related problems and electromagnetic interference. If you’ve ever had to put business on hold because the internet is down, you’ll see a marked improvement in reliability with fiber optics.

The signal is stronger
Traditional broadband internet signals using DSL or Ethernet over Copper can degrade the farther a user is from your network switch. Fiber optic signals do not degrade over distance. In large offices, that means all your internet access – even far away from you telecommunications equipment – will get clear fast signals.

Increased bandwidth
Businesses that use their internet system a lot often “hit the cap” on cable Internet bandwidth. Fiber optics have a significantly higher level of bandwidth, which can be important for web conferencing, streaming video, file sharing and accessing the cloud. If you see a lot of pixelated video, delays and frozen screens, you could use greater bandwidth.

You’ll improve Symmetric Speed
“Symmetric speed” simply means that both your upload and download times on an Internet connection will be improved. Symmetric speed enables users to accommodate heavy demands on downloads and uploads simultaneously.

Fiber optics are more secure
Hackers and information thieves can gain access to business cable Internet through cable tapping or other relatively simple practices. The only way to penetrate fiber-optic Internet is to physically cut the fibers, which will cause the signal to disappear.

Better video
Teleconferencing and video conferencing have become important tools for employee training, marketing, and sales. With a fiber-optic Internet connection, you can increase your use of video conferencing without sapping the bandwidth available to the rest of the company. And keep in mind, teleconferencing can mean huge savings on business travel.

Cost Savings
While there are costs associated with making the switch to fiber optics, the faster speed and increased reliability of a fiber optic system will increase productivity. Your system simply won’t go down as much and your employees will enjoy fast, uninterrupted access.