Today’s business world is credit card and debit card driven. You may admire the old-school mom-and pop-stores or longstanding local tavern that insists on cash only, but ask yourself, “Are they really giving their customers what they want?”

When adding or updating your credit card processing, first ask yourself a few questions.

How do you want to do business with your customers? In person or remotely, via the Internet or phone? And do you want to make both kinds of transactions?

With this information from Business News Daily, you can come to your conclusion:

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems 

A POS system is a device devoted to retail checkout which includes a credit card swiper, NFC reader (including Apple Pay, Square or Android Pay), barcode scanner, cash register, a printer, a touch screen, and more. This system is key for a business owner or manager looking to link multiple cash registers and cred card processing records.

Mobile Credit Card Processors 

These are fun little gadgets. Mobile processing of credit card information is as easy as a little accessory that attaches to your smartphone or tablet. Plug, swipe, and done! These mobile systems typically do not require a merchant account. And if you are a small business owner who handles few transactions with clients, this could be the best option.

Credit Card Terminal 

A credit card terminal—that hunk of plastic we punch with pins and slide with more plastic. These “terminals” are mostly used with merchant accounts, and are best for the businessman or woman who isn’t looking for all the bells and whistles of Apple or Android Pay.

Online Payments 

Like everything else, credit card processing can now be done online. The systems are an e-commerce solution, shopping cart software, or third-party marketplace that lets Web-based businesses accept payments at their website, blog, or online store.

E-commerce sites hosted by a third party usually do not require a merchant account. Stand-alone e-commerce sites that use shopping cart software may need a merchant account.

They work best for web-based businesses that conduct most of their business online.

And last, but not least—the online payment. Who hasn’t ordered an end table or DVD box set from Amazon? It’s as easy as punching in your numbers and placing an order. Which is why online payments are obviously best for businesses who operate mostly online. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and customers from anywhere at any time can access your business. These online

payment solutions often run through a third-party E-commerce website or software designed specifically for online retailers.

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