At MAX Communications, we offer a host of services to help you do business better and to reach out and make contact with your clients and customers. But the best communications technology can only take you so far.

Customer Service is hands-down one of the most important elements of business—a skill often overlooked in our fast and furious world. So with that in mind, here are some things to consider from Forbes Magazine:

First Impressions Really DO Matter 

It’s always a good practice to walk into a transaction with a customer through the eyes of a customer. Imagine you were experiencing what the customer is currently experiencing. How would you react? Now, obviously, there will always be customers who make your would-be reaction look like a charm school lesson, but connection with them on some level is completely key.

Even the Impressions Before the First Impressions Matter 

Being in the mindset to handle customers is an important first step to dealing with customers. It can sometimes be a fight to keep all of our personal problems from rising to the surface at work—but if you find yourself redirecting your energy and putting it into your transaction with customers, you might just find a spark that makes a difference for you and your business.

And (Of course) Last Impressions Matter 

Fumbling the conclusion of your transaction can potentially unravel all the good rapport you built with a patron. Saying “goodbye” is as equally as important as saying “hello.” Again, remember what it’s like to be a customer. What would you like to see in a transaction with a professional?

Do Your Customers Have to Ask You to Answer Questions for Which the Answer Should be Obvious? 

Know your domain. If a customer has to ask you a question that has an obvious answer… well, you know what that means. No matter your trade, common questions can arise. If you have a website, consider creating a tab devoted to frequently asked questions. Here you can detail your product or service, and even weed out those customers who seem to have a question for everything!


Are you the type of person who is always running late? Generally speaking, no one really cares (except maybe your mom or your college professor). But when it comes to business, time is money. And more importantly, time is PRECIOUS. Customers value their time—just as you do. If you happen to be late, be professional.

While you’re working on customer service, we’d be happy to work on your communications problems! Whether it’s setting up you VoIP, payment solutions, or business surveillance, MAX Communications can take care of the behind the scenes issues, so you can pay attention to your customers. Call us at 856.825.6000 or visit