While you may pay a lot of attention to what your smartphone can do for you, an important question for small business and large corporations alike may be what your business phone system can do for you.

Unlike our cell phones, sometime the company’s business phone system can be something we just take for granted. After all, it works, we can make calls and the bill – well that’s accounting’s problem.

But just like the ever-changing technology in our smartphones, modern business phone systems have taken some giant leaps forward in the last few years, most notably with the rise of VoIP, or Voiceover Internet Protocol.

VoIP phone systems use the internet to send calls and supply other common phone features instead of the standard phone system. The systems take standard analog audio signals and turn them into digital signals that can be sent over the internet.

At this point you may be asking ‘Why go to all that trouble?”

The answer is that VoIP systems will save you a lot of money over using standard phone lines.

How? A VoIP system uses your internet connection to be your telephone system at no extra cost. Instead of paying the phone company for every call – and being charged by the minute – you’re simply paying for your high-speed internet provider – a cost you pay regardless if you use it for a phone system.

A VoIP system uses high-speed internet connections to make your calls and still can provide all the standard phone extras – such as voicemail and teleconferencing – you expect from your current system.

VoIP systems can be used with analog telephone systems through and adapter of through IP phones. They can also make calls computer to computer. More importantly, you can add phones to the system without paying to have new phone lines installed.

Unlike the analog phone system, which connects calls through circuits, VoIP phones convert the call into a digital signal that can be sent on a fiber optic cable. While analog calls require their own circuit, VoIP calls can be combined with other signals.

This allows the network to send your call along the least congested and cheapest lines available, while also keeping your computer or IP phone, free to send and receive messages and calls with other computers.

One thing is clear about VoIP phone systems – they are the future. Even the major phone utilities are preparing for the switch to all VoIP.

At Max Communications, we can help design the right VoIP system for you. Our systems offer:

  • Voicemail with email and cell phone notification
  • Voice over IP remote telephone extensions
  • Networking of systems over the internet
  • Custom music on hold recordings
  • Remote maintenance
  • (User-friendly) Web interface to make changes to your telephone
  • Integration with door phones, intercom, and paging systems
  • T-1, PRI, and SIP telephone lines
  • Multiline cordless telephones
  • Auto attendant with multiple greetings

It comes down to a simple choice. You can stick with and pay for your old analog system, or you can make the switch to VoIP. You’ll feel the difference in your wallet.

If you’re business is in the Millville are and your looking to set up your business phone system, give us a call at 856-825-6000.